The team is growing..

We are happy to let you know that Dr. Michael Weinhardt and Marie Gutzeit will be joining our research project!
Ms. Gutzeit will be working in sub-project 2 beginning June 1st, whereas Dr. Weinhardt will join to head sub-project 1 on July 1st.

SP1 is running!

The data is here, the access is ready and our research for sub-project one is underway.

Cooperation with business consultancy

We are excited to inform you about yet another cooperation within the research project. We will be cooperating with the German business consultancy "Familienwerte". Our mutual goal is to focus on researching entrepreneurship as a collective activity of families who engage into businesses simultaneously and successively - a field also known as "Family Venturing".

Workshop "Entrepreneurial Families"

We hosted approximately thirty BA and MBA students from the University of Alberta, Canada, on their European Study Tour. Our workshop with Prof. Vern Glaser’s students aimed to gain an understanding of entrepreneurial families from a sociological perspective.

Cooperation with Lancaster University

Our research group will be cooperating together with the University of Lancaster. Together with Dr. Allan Discua Cruz our aim is to advance the research of entrepreneurial groups by co-authoring papers such as organizing events to this topic. 

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