All contributions received for HSR Special Issue

For the planned special issue “Entrepreneurial Groups” in the journal Historical Social Research, the editorial team around Isabell Stamm, Ludovic Cailleut and Alan Discua Cruz has now received all finalized contributions. They span empirical and conceptual studies from business history, sociology and entrepreneurship.

First Round of Group Discussions Completed

Marie Gutzeit has successfully completed seven group interviews in the subproject “Imagined Futures”. During this first round of data conduction she has focused on established entrepreneurial groups in the crafts industry (e.g. bakeries, wineries, dental laboratories). She will now analyse the materials via documentary method before starting a second round of interviews in the fall. Thank you to all who have participated!

First Meeting of the Network “Venturing Together!”

We have joined forces with other researchers interested in studying entrepreneurial group dynamics. In April we hosted a first meeting between the research groups around Nicola Breugst (TU Munich), Frédéric Delmar and Anna Brattström (LUND University) and Jan Kratzer (TU Berlin) and Isabell Stamm (TU Berlin). The meeting was dedicated to getting to acquainted with each others research questions and methodological designs in order to exchange knowledge and stimulate research collaboration. In addition the meeting featured a workshop on methodology by Nina Baur and a workshop on videography by René Tuma. As guest speaker we welcomed Linus Dahlander from ESMT. Thank you for productive sessions. Looking forward to a meeting again in the fall.

European Study Tour II 

For the second time, we hosted approximately thirty BA and MBA students from the University of Alberta, Canada, on their European Study Tour. Our site visit with Menzel Motor, Egon Zehnder and Stiftung Familienunternehmen, workshops and cultural activities with Prof. Vern Glaser’s students aimed to gain an understanding of entrepreneurial families from a sociological perspective.

Call for papers in HSR special issue

Entrepreneurial Groups: definitions, forms, and historic change

In this special issue, we focus on entrepreneurship as collective action undergone by entrepreneurial groups, which can be broadly defined as a small number of people investing time, resources and effort to pursue an entrepreneurial project. Lately, entrepreneurship research is rethinking its unit of analysis – a debate so fundamental in its impact that it may ring in a paradigm shift.

Read more: Call for papers in HSR special issue

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