Trajectories and Transitions of Entrepreneurial Groups

This sub-project aims to explain how initial constellations and relations of entrepreneurial groups endure, change and dissolve over time. In an ambitious methodological design, several cohorts of entrepreneurial groups are tracked over time, going back 20 years and more.

Based on publicly available data from the German Commercial registry (Handelsregister), we drew random samples of all registry entries published in the years 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017. This effort resulted in 2.500 newly founded business ventures in each cohort for which we extracted additional information from the registry and commercial business data bases (such as Orbis or Northdata). On these grounds, we can describe the number of people engaged, their roles in active management and ownership stake and some basic demographic information (e.g. age, gender). We aim to describe typical patterns in group composition, changes in the distribution of roles, ownership stakes and the size of the groups. Eventually, this will allow us to identify typical transitional phases and to describe sequences of group trajectories over time.

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