Data Traces - Didactic Crowd Science

 In this exploratory project, we developed and tested the approach of didactic crowd science as a combination of online teaching and crowd science. For this purpose, we designed a platform that on the one hand provides knowledge about the origin and quality of digital data and on the other hand enables research on the social relationships of members of entrepreneurial groups online. We identified opportunities and challenges of this approach and sketched conditions for the success of this variant of crowd science.

For a subsample we applied a definition of entrepreneurial groups that did not equate the group with a single organization, but allowed for a group to be involved in multiple businesses. The operationalization required a complex search procedure for co-ownership and co-management of group members. For this subsample we extracted additional information on the careers of involved group (e.g. from Linked-In and Xing) and on their social relationships (e.g. from websites and newsarticles). To contact the later information we set up a crowd science project: We established the platform “Datenspuren” on which we offer a 45 min online training on process generated data including a search exercise. Participating students could continue to perform the search exercise, collect points and win prizes. Through their performance students would help to crowdsource our data. The platform is available at We thank all participating students for their efforts and congratulate our winners!

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